2016 Core Sensor 2

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Sensor 2 Control Bar

The Sensor 2 Control bar comes with 24m fixed length lines.;

What makes the Sensor 2 Control Bar Unique?

Here at Windance we are really impressed with it's light weight & simplicity.

The Sensor 2 control bar has a really nice unswiveling feature that works everytime, you just pull the bar in and your center lines untwist. Another major difference is the quick release, which requires you to twist it and not push it away. This makes the system more compact and reliable. The above the bar depower makes adjusting the power of your kite simple and easy. 

Sensor 2 Control Bar Key Features German made 1.8mm thick lines with an impressive 800 lb. breaking strength plus these other features:

  • Lightweight Titanium Core bar

  • Above the Bar trim adjuster

  • Rotor Quick Release

  • Self Unswiveling

  • Vario Width

Titanium Core

High tech bar with a strong heart. In the middle of the Unibody bar is the secret to the strength of the SENSOR 2. Thanks to the specially constructed titanium insert the SENSOR 2 is able to boast an extreme break load and stiffness whilst being as light as a feather. These attributes also result in the typical crisp flight feeling.

Above the Bar trim adjuster

Fine trimming. The forces acting on the cleat adjuster are reduced to a quarter by the addition of another loop through the slide pulley, which results in the exceptionally smooth and precise operation of the adjuster, even in the upper wind limits. And the levels of comfort get even better: the depower throw can now be easily adjusted to suit the size of the rider by simply moving the cleat adjuster.

Rotor Quick Release

So easy – just turn. The release mechanism, which can be turned in either direction, allows for intuitive emergency release in any situation. It has been proven that the turning motion allows for more force to be exerted. In addition to this, and unlike conventional systems, you don’t need to fight against the water flow. The ROTOR system not only more than fulfills the highest standards but it also sets new standards in safety, as regularly proven by independent testing. Another tangible advantage: Compared to push systems, the ROTOR quickrelease has a noticeably more compact and lighter design, while also bringing the depower adjuster closer to the riders reach – not only a comfort plus but also resulting in better safety in critical situations.

Self Unswiveling

Always works. The self-un-swivelling of the CORE bars has been setting high standards for many years as it sorts the lines out in any and every situation without  issue. CORE has always designed the lines to twist and cross below the bar. When you pull the bar down the lines are left with little option but to sort themselves out again. 

Vario Width

All kite sizes respond to one bar. Thanks to the ability to easily adjust the knot of the steering lines at the end of the bar, the size can be extended by six centimeters from 46 to 52 centimeters. With this the SENSOR 2 bar covers the full kite spectrum from 5 to 19 square meters

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