Andy kayaking in Brazil

  01/03/2017 at 17:10 pm

Andy in Brasil


Windance staffer, Andy Morrisey, has been in South America for the past few months and has been spending most of his time lately in Brasil on his kayak adventures.

Andy is a world class kayaker as well as being a great windsurfer & kiter. He and his pals are exploring the most extreme rivers in South America and in fact he has paddled sections that have never been paddled before. Lots of Class V rapids and several large waterfalls. The picture below is Fumosa Falls, a 90' waterfall !

.It sounds like none of this is easy with 3 stinky kayakers in a car in the jungle for up to 27 days at a time. However he is having the trip of a lifetime and we are jealous. You can follow his trip herre:

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By Dave Nunn