Back after a busy summer.

  10/06/2014 at 16:05 pm

So sorry to my regular followers for the long time between blogs. I guess it's indicative of just how busy we were this summer. In fact Windance had a record year for the 7th straight season!

Both kite & windsurf sales are up, a lot. I think this is due to a bunch of factors including: a healthy economy, good products, great staff, and hard work. Thanks to all our customers for shopping here.

A few of our products did exceptionally well including the Ocean Rodeo Mako, DaKine Pyro, Ezzy Tiger, Chinook booms and just about everything Slingshot makes.

On top of a good sales year, we had a ton of fun here and got on the water a lot.Personally I ended up windsurfing & kiting with a 50/50 split again. However most of my windsurfing days were during June which by all accounts was the windiest one in the old memory banks. Plus I had a new windsurf board line , Exocet, which I wanted to test. By the way those boards rock and you should consider trying or buying one.

 For now I will just put up a little eye candy of some of the summer highlights here. Enjoy.

Windance staffer, Austin Keilor gets 5th at Bridge of teh Gods. Then Patrick Rebstock hosted a strapless clinic at the shop.

BIG tuesday in June. Wow!

SWAP meet #1 in May


Me with kiteboarder of the year: Sam Medesky. A Best team rider.  Leahs Lunch, a great addition to our parking lot.

Windances annual End of Season Free Beer and BBQ with music by Walter & The Conqueror . Great band and good times.




By Dave