Bellacera Custom Foil 95 cm

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The Bellacera Hydrofoil is the best of both worlds; Carbon wings and Alloy mast & fuselage. The carbon wings are fast and nimble which can carve on a dime! The Alloy mast & fuselage make the the set-up durable and long lasting.

Comes with a Alloy plate, mast, and fuselage. Track screws and T-nuts are provided. The mast/plate, fuselage combo is 95cm.

The wings are full carbon, glassed with uni-direction cloth/epoxy and feature a hard shell finish. Two wing sizes are available (large & small) both are mid-aspect super stable and excellent carving wings.


  • Mast 95cm

  • Mast w/Plate (pre-drilled)

  • Bolt on Fuselage

  • Set of Wings

  • Anodized

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