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Surf Wing: 1 000cm²

Aspect Ratio: 4.35

Weight: 0.98 Kg

The FREERIDE 1000 wing was designed with plenty of surface area to provide the most stable, intuitive and easy way to fly. Its specific, high lift profile allows to fly at lower speed, providing a great gliding feel and keeping accelerations under control. Its compact and swept back outline, combined with its arch shape offers perfect maneuverability with a lot of tolerance.

The FREERIDE 1000 wing is ideal to learn and enjoy flight with a foil and can also be used to ride waves with a SUP or a Surfboard

Surf Wing: 1200 cm²

Aspect Ratio: 3.15

Weight: 1.15 Kg*

Designed for wave riding, the generous surface area and compact aspect ratio of this wing offers easy and immediate lift. It is specifically shaped to lift off at very low speed and surf the most marginal waves. Thanks to its controlled flying speed this wing lets you follow the wave without excessive pace and remains very user friendly.

Maneuverable and very intuitive to enter the curves and bends, it remains stable and is ideal for surfing or for learning how to foil behind a boat. This wing is perfect with our MAGIC 8’6’’ and 9’6’’ boards, as well as with the PAPENOO convertible, but can be adapted on any surf or Sup wave board.

Benefitting from the latest racing developments in terms of shape and construction, the F-ONE Carbon masts provide amazing speed potential with top precision in all conditions. With their high performance profile evolving from 1.2 cm thick at the bottom to 1.35 cm at the top, these masts deliver an impressive feeling of glide and top of the range performance. The intricate profile and chord length prevent turbulence and make them very secure and stable at speed.

The elaborate carbon PRE-PREG one-shot molding construction makes sure these masts meet the required demand on torsion and bending stiffness to keep the control of the foil at any moment and especially when pushing hard. Equipped with the patented FAST CONNECTION DEVICE constructed from PRE-PREG carbon, these masts come with great modularity and ease of use as one single screw is all that’s needed to assemble the main parts together.

The Carbon masts are compatible with all F-ONE wings and foil parts and are available in many different lengths: 65 / 75 / 95 cm, to fit all the needs for Supfoiling, Windfoiling & Surf Foiling. Top end foil masts for ultimate speed, control and lightweight.

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