F-One Bandit 4m2 Rasberry / Li



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From Gorge kiters perspective, these kite work amazingly well due to the stability and overall range.

Windance team test results

Frank: I really noticed the smooth power delivery. Great for boosting. This is the 11th year of the Bandit and it’s very refined.

John: I rode it on a very high wind & gusty day and it was very stable.

Bill: I tested the relaunch & depower as if I was a newbie and felt it would perfectly safe in their hands as well.

Dave: This is the most all-round kite I have tested. From twin-tip to foiling it had a high performance feel.

The Bandit is a benchmark from which others follow, for eleven years it has been one of the most popular kites on the market, with good reason. They put all thier knowledge into this kite, creating the ultimate tool for kitesurfers to use whatever their riding style!


  • Top performances in all disciplines.

  • Huge wind range

  • Controled lateral pull for improved comfort

  • Original auto relaunch

  • New Reactor Valves for faster inflation.

  • New Linx Bar with one line flag out safety systemNew Materials and colour coding for reinforcements

  • Prooven durability

  • Delta C shape patent

F-ONE KITES - BANDIT 2018 from F-ONE KITES on Vimeo.

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