Fall at Windance

  10/19/2015 at 13:18 pm

Wow, a long delay in between blogs for me again. Sorry to you regular followers. It's a sign of busy times.

Lots has been happening here in the Gorge, but personally I have moved from White Salmon to Hood River. It's mostly for convenience since most of our work and play is on the Oregon sided. I sure will miss the White Salmon sunsets though.

Currently I am rebuilding the top end of the engine on my old '67 Triumph Bonneville. It's just a fun nighttime project and will hopefully keep the old baby running. 

As well since the wind died we have been getting some A+ mountain bike rides in , below are 2 of my faves. The 1st one is up near Mt. Hood on Gunsight ridge, kind of rocky in sections.The other shot is up on the  Plains of Abrahm on Mt. St Helens. It's like the moon way up there and all pumice leftover from the eruption back in the 80's. 



Here in the shop we have been busy buying next years gear and selling the last of the 2015 toys we have. Windsurfers be sure to watch the USED Sails page where I have put some brand new 2015 Ezzy sail just to sell them cheap. Kiters check out 2 new lines for us RIDE Engine harness and CORE kites,

both awesome