Foil Mania !

  10/13/2016 at 23:07 pm

Hood River has gone Foil Crazy.

September & October has been inundated with new foil riders. I have seen days at the Event Site when there was 12 kite foilers, 4 windsurfer foilers and only 2 regular kites.

John, Isaac and myself have been testing product and teaching ourselves at the same time.  Personally I have been riding behind a boat a lot, plus wind-surf & kite foiling. The sport is in its infancy but WOW is it fun. The feeling of flying along above the water is so awesome, quiet and smooth. The learning curve is fun to be back on but I will tell you it's harder than it looks. I must have taken 200+ falls before really being able to ride long distances.

Keep an eye on our Windance Foil pages on our website as we add more gear regularly.

Here's some tips:

1/ Learn on the Slingshot Hover-Glide School mast package. It is the easiest since it comes with shorter masts to practice on

2/ Ride behind a boat if you can. Particularly a tournament inboard that can hold a steady speed +/- 1mph. I liked 10mph, then went to 12, and finally 14 which felt fast! Go out to your heelside outside the wake, then try foiling.

3/ Weight your front foot heavily to keep the board on the water, then slowly ease back, then forward again and back on the water. Take it slow.

4/ For Kite board foilng a long board makes the touchdowns way more survive-able

5/ For windsurf foiling a 100-115 liter board seems right

6/ Windsurf foilers - You do not HAVE to buy a tuttle box board. Wait, I have a Powerbox board converter coming.

7/ Beware of the blades, wear protective gear.


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