Foil news

  01/13/2015 at 12:41 pm

Winter Foiling

John has been building more foils and testing them in the cold winter Gorge winds with his buddies Pete & Walter.

In the pictures below he is also testing out a new Ocean Rodeo light air kite which is now availbale in 10m2 & 12m2 sizes called the Flite .

Most people wouldn't consider that riding a 10 or 12m2 kite as "light wind kiting" but on a foil it is. It also is if you live in windy locations like the Gorge, Baja or Maui.  Ocean Rodeo is the 1st company to market a product for this niche and the reviews are very good. The kite is lighter than most and has tons of low end pull. Most light wind kite kites turn so slow that they aren't fun to ride, not so with the Flite, it is a lively kite. Available in 10/12/14.5/17m2 sizes. See more here



By Dave Nunn