Futures V2FJC1-QD1 400 Quad



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Vector 2 V2FJC1

The Vector 2 V2FJC1 is available in Natural
Composite (as seen here) or in Black Stix 2.0 (all available in the PureGlass
Online Store). A Vector 2 Foil is a Vector Foil and Flat Foil blend. It
takes the best speed generating attributes of the Vector (at the base) and
transitions into a flat foil in the tip for a controlled release in critical
turns. Vector foils feel fluid and drivey, and generate more speed during bottom
turns. Try the Vector 2 foil if you are transitioning from flat sided fins,
because the benefits of the vector foil base will be noticeable but the change
for your muscle memory will not be too drastic.  Molded-resin with long
fiberglass matrix, the composite material in the Natural Composite fin fuses
into a sensitive, snappy and lightweight fin that retains the proper flex
pattern for performance.  Super light material that practically

John Carper
Board Style:
Thruster (Tri-Fin)
Fin Line:
Vector II – Increase Hold & Speed
Weight Category:
Medium (145-180lbs, 65-80kg)
Fin Dimensions:
Height: 4.58? Base: 4.37? Area: 15.05? sq
Natural Composite
Surfing Style:
Balance (Vector II Foil) For a blend of drive and release.
Create speed while maintaining flow for all surfers.

Fin Performance:
Balanced Loose/Stiff Fin Great for all

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