I'm Back !

  03/27/2013 at 14:05 pm

I'm Back

After a bit of a break Dave's Bog is back with new features such as your ability to comment back to me. Keep it nice please !.

Windance updates:

-new freight calculator on the website (works for International orders too)
-HUGE Used Gear inventory, bigger than ever & smokin' deals like 2 year old kites from $599 and sails  from $179
-MISTRAL boards are back and looking beautiful. Anders Bringdal runs the brand now.
-SWAP Meet #1 is April 21st
-OCEAN RODEO gets into the beginner-intermediate kite market with a sweet kite & board package deal that we like.

Gorge updates

-The CGWA is working on plans to put steps in at the Hatchery
-HRATS have rebuilt lots of the Post Canyon trails and they are way better
-The SPOKE CLUB is White Salmons' new bike park that I am heavily involved and it's coming along nicely
-Snow-pack levels indicate a low flow spring which means an earlier appearnace of the sandbar for kite launching


By Dave Nunn