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Best '14 TS V3 Kite 8m Best '14 TS V3 Kite

The TS Kite is now 44% off!
Do it all!

High performance crossover kite
Open-C Platform for rock solid stability
Ride Op...

You Save: 41%

Best '15 TS V4 Kite RP 47cm 7 Best '15 TS V4 Kite

ON SALE - ACT Quick !The TS is the ultimate crossover kite for anyone who is performance minded and likes a kite to boos...

You Save: 35%

Ocean Rodeo '14 Razor 9m KO Ocean Rodeo '14 Razor

Huge Range, Huge Power, and Huge Airtime, the Razor delivers!
Four generations in, the Razor is the premier thoroughbred...

You Save: 32%

Ocean Rodeo '15 Flite 10m2 Saf Ocean Rodeo '15 Flite

One of the most exciting light wind kites to hit the market! 'NOW 35% OFF' 
The Flite is designed as a light-wind k...

You Save: 35%

Slingshot 2015 RPM 6m2 Compsti Slingshot 2015 RPM

Slingshot has made an advancement with the 2015 RPM that just may be the corner stone in kite bridles.
The Intuitive Re...

You Save: 20%

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