Slingshot Silencer NF2 - Foil

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Windance recommends 

The Silencer for those foil riders looking for a foil to use with minimal sized boards.


  • All-carbon construction making it stiff, strong and incredibly light.

  • Instant feedback to the rider

  • No noise or interference caused by vibration, high speeds or choppy conditions. 

  • Balanced for early takeoff

  • Stability and smooth handling

  • Precision maneuverability & aggressive edging

  • Incredibly fast top end


A lighter, more buoyant foil allows for a smaller, less buoyant board: In addition to its superior handling and performance, the Silencer’s ultra-lightweight construction makes it almost neutrally buoyant. Not only does this make maneuvering your board and getting it into position much easier, it also opens up a wide range of possibilities for the size, shape and buoyancy of board needed for foiling. The Silencer is perfect for minimalist boards and skate style decks. 

Mast+Fuselage height: 102cm
Combined total weight: 2.5kg

2016 Slingshot Silencer from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

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