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The FRS Front Wings produce controlled lift with rock solid stability; they are designed to produce positive lift with minimal drag. The structural integrity of these wings are unsurpassed with layer upon layer of carbon fiber. This results in highly impact resistant, durable and lightweight wings.

Sizes available:

FRS FW460 (460 cm²) Focus of performance is on speed with less lift and drag. Ideal for rider's that want to take it to that next level of foiling.

FRS FW590 (590 cm²) Is designed to provide a wider range of use for riders of all sizes, In search of higher top end speed and maneuverability while remaining in total control.

FRS FW720 (720 cm²) has the same design elements with increased surface area equals more lifting power enabling you to expand your light wind range. Improve your riding skills with this more stable front wing design that helps accelerate your learning curve. FRS FW940 (940 cm²) Is specifically designed for use with a Windsurf board.


Sizes available (Front Wing Surface Area in cm²): 

  • FRS Front Wing 460 cm²

  • FRS Front Wing 590 cm²

  • FRS Front Wing 720 cm²

  • FRS Front Wing 940 cm²

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