MFC Goya 211 Wave Fin 20.5 US

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MFC Goya 211

This fin offers a new concept in fin design developed by MFC and Francisco Goya. The material chosen is G-10. The fins are CNC designed and machined by a high precision milling machine. The profile is an evolution of the 2007 model with the maximum draft position moved to 38% due to a thickness increase. In fact this year we had to increase the profile thickness by 0.7mm to allow the G-10 to work in the best way for the best performances in wave riding maneuvers, early planning and upwind performance. This particular model has a unique and distinguished concept where in the bigger sizes the fin becomes straighter in the outline and rake and faster in the profile. The two sizes that we applied this new concept to are the 24cm and 27cm. This fin is ideal for wave and freewave conditions.

Fin Size,MaterialUS BoxPower Box
20.5 cm/8" G-10 $121 N/A
21 cm/8.25" G-10 $121 N/A
21.5 cm/8.5" G-10 $121 N/A
22 cm/8.75" G-10 $121 $125
23 cm/9" G-10 $121 $125
24 cm/9.5" G-10 $121 $125
27 cm/10.5" G-10 $121 $125

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