Mako Mania

  05/31/2016 at 10:20 am

Mako Mania continues...

 8 years in a row the MAKO has been our best-selling board. It's remarkable. Especially when you consider that it's such a different design and has yet to be copied by the other brands.

What's unique about the Mako is that it is INCREDIBLY SMOOOOOOOTH. This is due to it's exteme amount of rocker & concaved bottom. It's like riding a full suspension mountain bike versus a hardtail. Night and day. Typical flat bottom square boards give a rough slappy ride while the Mako cuts deep into the water & eats up chop. The rocker allows the board to go up and over waves instead of banging into them and pearling.

 custom image

If you need to DEMO one to prove it to yourself then just drop by thte shop anytime. I ride the MAKO 140 more than any other board, it's my go-to ride.


Here's our customer Richard Christie after testing one and then having to buy it since he loved it so much.

 custom image

Right now we have them on sale too at $150 off! Check them out here