Mako Mania at Windance

  12/19/2013 at 11:21 am

MAKO Mania at Windance

 We just bought all the remaining MAKOS from Ocean Rodeo from their 2013 inventory and then marked them down to $599. Thats about 25% off.

Available sizes: 130/135/140/150/165

This has been our best selling board for the last 5 years and we love it. Here's why.

 Top 10 Reasons you want to ride a MAKO

  1. Smooth ride. The huge 18mm. concave sits the board deeper in the water & therefore cuts thru chop rather than slapping against it like a conventional flat bottomed twin-tip
  2. Smooth turns. The rounded outline rolls from edge to edge and allows you to turn like a surfboard
  3. No more squirt in the eye. The rounded corners eliminate the annoying spray you get from square cornered boards
  4. Wave ready. Can be set up like a directional by moving the straps rearward. Tackle your 1st huge waves with the confidence that you don't have to gybe.
  5. Optional Thrusters. The board is pre-drilled for two additional side fins allowing you to make the board even better for slashing wave faces
  6. Huge Rockerline.  Rides up & over waves rather than smashing into faces or pearling in the trough like flatter twin-tips
  7. Big jumps. Wth the added control you get from the smooth ride in chop you can now go way faster which = bigger jumps.
  8. Softer landings. Flat bottom boards land hard, the Mako lands soft.
  9. Easy Ollies. Just like a wakeboard which has lots of rocker a Mako is super easy to pop & hop at anytime. Just hammer down on your back foot. POP!
  10. Squishy footpads. Why wouldn't you like squishy pads, they make everything better.



By Dave Nunn