More Parts

  03/12/2014 at 10:53 am

More Parts than Ever Before !

 Windance has always been known as the shop to get all those little parts & now we have just added to our selection and display. See below the 4 new cabinets Johny B. built up to help display all these new parts.

So now we have:

-all Slingshot kite parts

-all BEST kite parts

- all Ocean Rodeo kite parts

-lots of kite repair items

-lots of wetsuit & board repair items

-all Chinook windsurf parts

-tons of stainless steel nuts & bolts in both metric & Imperial thread standards

-20 different diameters & styles of ropes

.....and more, if you can;t find it on the website just call for our assistance



By Dave Nunn