New Years 2015

  01/02/2015 at 09:56 am

Happy New Years to you!

Windance had a fantastic 2014  , in fact we had record sales again for the 7th year in a row since I took over ownership. The shop is a joy to work at and having fun customers and staff are the reasons why. The record sales is just the systems way of patting us on the back.

2015 is looking good for us too, I just hired two new staff: Alex Malinchoc (a windsurfer) and Tanner Rawlins ( a kiter). Along with John Bellacera and Isaac Stranz we are running the shop through the winter season.

Recently we dropped all winter items, like snowboarding etc. so we could concentrate on our online kiting and windsurfing winter customers. It has been a well recieved decision. Our customers appreciate that we specialize and are not distracted by the other sporting goods categories. Plus it's less stress for us and we get to spend more time skiing and playing hockey in the winter.

 Here's a picture of my daughter Paris on the podium for a Cooper Spur Ski Team club race. She got 3rd after Josie Peterson 1st) and Francis Melby (2nd) That's her on the left


New Years day was cold and the local alpine lake has frozen over. This only happens maybe twice a year if we are lucky, but when it does the sticks come out and the game is on!


Check out this great deal if you are a kiter. Brand new kites with bar for $899- $999

Ocean Rodeo had some leftover 2014 Razors so we put them in the Used Gear department but they are brand new never been in the water kites and include the bar we call the Freeride or Safety bar. It's the one with the most de-power. The Razor is a staff favorite kite and is a bit of a do- everything design but I especially like it for it's smooth turning style.

7m2 Razor complete $899

8m2 Razor complete $899

9m2 Razor complete $899

10m2 Razor complete $999

See all the kites on this webpage :






By Dave Nunn