Nnnnnovembrrrr !

  11/21/2013 at 16:35 pm

It's freezing here !.

Today is the 1st cold day of the winter, it's going down below zero tonight. Plus we are at that time of year when it's dark outside by 5pm. Not so nice. Unless of course you have night lights for your mountain bike and ride in the dark with a good crew of hardy souls .


In other news I have some interesting new products for you to see for 2014. Such as this innovative& inflatable trainer kite from Ocean Rodeo . Note that the bag it comes in turns into a harness. Brilliant !

 Here's another good one, especially for today. Ocean Rodeo has created the SOUL, a breath-able, yet totally dry suit. It's 1-piece, but looks like two, has a dry zip for entry that you can easily zip yourself, it has a harness hook zipper, PLUS a zipper for boys. Yes ! It's worth the $849 price tag, you will own it for 10 years. 



By Dave Nunn