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p>Windance is proud to launch MFC's new PROFLEX fin line this upcoming season. The line has been glass molded, sanded, and specifically designed to take into consideration the many needs for windsurfing.

Flex & Control
Different materials were used for this line, S-Glass for the smaller sizes multifins and Vinylester for the bigger freeride and freewave sizes that add more stability while still keeping the control. This was not possible with standard G10 material.

Simple Range After years of working on different combinations of sizes, production methods and materials, we are finally offering our simplest fin line yet. There are not many sizes, but there are key sizes for each wave, freestyle or freeride board on the market.

  • Our new Freestyle fin is ready for the PWA world cup

  • Twin fin model that together with the side fins becomes an amazing Quad Set-up. Do you have 2 boards? A Quad and a twin fin? Well….you need one set of fins for both boards!

  • Same for our single fin, the thruster center fin can be used as a single fin and other way around.

  • Classic allround Single fin for any wave sizes, rider preference or conditions.

  • Freewave model developed from our Multi Test winning Freewave Fin available on both Prepreg or G10.

  • Freeride//Freerace developed from our new FR 2012 with a racing profile section and the exact flex to make the board/fin combination more forgiving and easy to maneuver. Top Speed guaranteed.

SizeBox SystemMaterialMSRP
23 Power Box, US Box Poly PWR $98/US $93
25 Power Box, US Box Poly PWR $105/US $93
28 Power Box, US Box Poly PWR $108/US $95
30 Power Box, US Box Vinyl PWR $114/US $108
33 Power Box, US Box Vinyl PWR $119/US $108
36 Power Box, US Box Vinyl PWR $124/US $111

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