Rechargeable Pumps just arrived

  05/08/2014 at 11:10 am

New product just arrived!


Sometimes we go to a manufacturer and get our own product made up to suit our needs better and get you a better deal. That's the case with these two pumps that just arrived.


The hand pump has a metal shaft, is 2-way, includes a nice pressure guage and our factory direct price is only $29. Plus if you buy a kite from us I can do another 20% off that.

Click here for more info


The electric pump is really sweet and inlcudes:

  • -rechargeable battery
  • -digital pressure gauge with auto shut-off at your desired pressure
  • -takes 2 minutes 22 seconds to fill a 10m2 kite
  • -also works on inflatable SUPs
  • -and it's just $239
  • Click Here for more info and to order



By Dave Nunn