Skiing and Fishin'

  01/27/2014 at 10:57 am

What a weekend; Skiing & Fishin'

I drove my kids to Mt. Hood for their ski race training, took a few runs on a blue sky day and then headed down to the Deschutes river for 2 days of camping and fishing with a bunch of good guys.

You can see the low-lying clouds in the 1st picture which is taken from 9,000' at the top of the ski hill. Down in those clouds is the valley where the Deschutes flows. The drive down was magical as a light snow frosted the trees near the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. Then it was down into the valley where you are without cell for 2 days. We fished for Steelhead and trout on flys. It was super cold and everybody got some in the end.

 I know most of you think the Gorge is just for wind, but l write these blogs to help you visit the other treats it has to offer.




By Dave Nunn