Slingshot '17 Angry Swallow 5'


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The Angry Swallow offers stability and all-condition wave performance with a snappy, responsive and freestyle-friendly feel.


  • Excels in marginal wave conditions

  • Our highest-buoyancy board

  • Agile, freestyle-friendly T-Rex shape

  • Super slashy diamond swallow tail

  • Edge harder w/ parallel rail outline

Angry Swallow characteristics:
In marginal wind and wave conditions this board shines. Based on Slingshot’s hybrid T-Rex profile, the Angry Swallow is the most buoyant board in the lineup. With the performance of a larger, full-volume board in a small package, this is an excellent choice for riders who are larger or kite in lighter wind areas. The Angry Swallow features a parallel rail outline, which adds surface area for better handling in mushy conditions. An aggressive winged diamond swallow tail gives the board tight, snappy turns and helps it keep up in marginal conditions. 

*Note: Boards come complete with pads & fins. Surf straps can be purchased at a discount ($75 reg.MSRP $99)

Length 5'-2" Width 17 11/16" 2-1/4" Thick 7.3lbs.
Lenght 5'-4" Width 18-5/16" 2-3/8" Thick 7.5lbs
Length 5'-6" Width 18-1/2" 2-3/8 Thick 8lbs

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