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Designed primarily for wave riding, however it is a versatile kite for freeride and wave riding. To our surprise here at Windance it turns out to be a great foiling kite as well. It has amazing drifting charateristics and relaunches instantly.


  • Responsive turning even when sheeted out 

  • Direct feel, instant response, no tangling with compact IRS bridle

  • Bomber Slingshot Surf Tough reinforced canopy

WAVE SST characteristics: 
It tracks magically downwind, turns on a dime and maintains a responsive feel even when fully sheeted out. These are the most sought-after characteristics of a surf-specific kite, and the 2017 WAVE SST is packed with the same great features that made it an instant hit. After a year in the market, we also discovered foilers were gravitating to this kite for freeriding.

*Note: Regarding bar sizes, the 17" is commonly used from the 4m-7m kites and 20" from the 8m-12m

2017 WAVE SST - Superior Surf Performance from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

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