Try Before you Buy

  06/14/2016 at 13:10 pm


 WIndance has 4 ways for you to check our gear before laying down your cash.


  1. Slingshot has appointed Jon & Lisa Schlecht as beach reps in the Gorge. They have all the gear to try for free. Look for them at the Event Site mostly.
  2. Ezzy has Gary Morris & Ben Moisen roaming the Gorge with a full fleet of Ezzy 2016 masts and sails. Check the shop for their location or call to make a demo apointment.
  3. WIndance has a large demo stock in the shop of most of the gear we sell and you can take it out for the day
  4. WIndance is hosting our annual KITE DEMO Weekend on June 25th & 26th . Slingshot , CORE, Ocean Rodeo & BEST will have all there gear, team riders and free beer on hand. Stay posted for thr location 
  5.  Or If none of that works then we have the Windance Performance Guarantee which says If you buy it and don't like it , then you can return it. We expect you to know in one days use and just ask that you keep it in mint condition
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By Dave Nunn