Vendee Globe

  10/28/2016 at 23:26 pm

Solo, Around the World, Non-Stop, Un-assisted.

That's the VENDEE GLOBE and it starts in 7 days on November 6th.

It runs every 4 years and is possibly the most difficult & dangerous athletic contest I know of. It's absolutely fascinating to follow. These 29 sailors are out there for about 3 months in boats that sail very fast (20-30mph on average). Half of them are unlikely to finish. Things happen beside plain old fatigue like hitting freighters, flotsam or icebergs. All of which happened in the last race. Some boats lose their keel and flip over in seconds, some lose their masts and then get pounded by the remnants of the rigging.Some boats lose their skipper.  It takes a determined sailor to sign up. 


Here at Windance we have all picked 3 boats each to bet on and will be following the race closely as it proceeds. Let me know if you are also following it.

Go to to to follow it.

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By Dave Nunn