Windance Electric Pump 2017

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MSRP $349.00 but Windance Factory-direct price is only $239 

High-Pressure Electric Kite Pump Deluxe......... 

Man vs. Machine from Rich Sabo on Vimeo.

Comes with built-in rechargeable battery 12V 7AH! Now includes a leash as well , so you can have your kite getting p[umped up while you are laying out your line !. Can operate from internal battery or from 120V AC plug-in!


Our high-pressure inflator pumps are a incredible dual action, automatic, 12 volt pump developed by Windance. Designed to blowup inflatable kites, SUPS & boats with no effort at all. Just set the pressure gauge and press the ON Button. The pump will then inflate to its correct pressure and stop automatically.

How the pump works:
When the pump starts it will be on a HIGH VOLUME (Turbine) pump until the pressure reaches 2-3 PSI. Then the pump will automatically switch over to the HIGH PRESSURE (Piston) pump and inflate to its set pressure. Once reaching the set pressure the pump will automatically turn itself off.

Once you've used one of these pumps, you'll never want to use a hand pump again!

These pumps can also be use to deflate. One battery charge inflates about 10 kites. Each kites takes 2-3 minutes to inflate.


  • Digital screen that instantly shows how much air pressure is in the tubes ( reads in kilopascals or kPa) 55 kPa = 8 pounds. Can be set to inflate to 80 kPa which = 11.6 psi

  • Smaller pressure increments can be set up with digital display and buttons

  • Internal rechargeable battery and carrying bag makes pumping anywhere easy.


  • Set of generic plastic adapters designed to fit most of air valves

  • Detachable air filter to keep sand out

  • Soft carry bag with storage compartments, leash, and carry strap

  • One NARU VALVE with 2 silicone gaskets

  • <>Wall outlet charger for the battery

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