Windance gets a new website

  01/21/2014 at 15:52 pm

New website !

I hope you like our brand new website. It's pretty state of the art and meant to make your visits faster, safer and more fun.It features

-safer security

-a new cool background

-easier navigation

-bigger & better images

- more non-product content coming soon too

I am open to your feed-back both pro & con  as to how you like it. Shoot me your thoughts.


Anyone in La Ventana want to post an update ?

 I haven't heard a report on the wind and the gossip yet. So if you feel like sending in a report, pictures or a video. I will post it here.


No new snow but lots of wind

This is the worst snow year I have seen yet on Mt. Hood. However it's also the windiest winter I have seen with the most people on the water, ever.

Personally I have been a race-dad and driving my kids up for their Cooper Spur Race Team (CSRT) training and races. Lots of fun and this weekend both my girls posted personal best results at the Kandahar race at Ski Bowl. Here they are getting last minute pointers from their coach Chelsea Laswell.



By Dave Nunn