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Foil Works 130 Foilboard

SKU: FLKX00020

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In Stock Now... - Version 2.0

Foil Works is our High Quality, Full Carbon, Gorge Designed Custom Foil-board

- Gorge Tested Foil Works 130 Foilboard

 "This is a Gorge designed & tested product"

The Foil Works brand foils & boards are a Windance exclusive brand which save you $300 compared to other high quality brands.


  • Carbon fiber wrapped construction. 

  • 130cm length. 47cm width. 6.3lbs. 

  • 90mm spaced twin-tracks compatible with industry standard. 

  • Design Wide point is very forward for the best touch & go on the market. 

  • Spoon shaped bottom on the forward hull makes for soft landings. 

  • Full rocker throughout bottom shape makes for better take-offs. Allows rider to stomp on the tail and Olly up. 

  • Multiple footstrap inserts allows rider to run in one, two or three footstrap configuration 

  • Full length diamond patterned deck pad gives excellent grip for strapless riders 


Dave Nunn, Windance owner: " I took the board to the Baja this winter and it rode perfectly. It's best feature is the take-offs & touchdowns, way smoother than anything else I have tested" 

John Bellacera, Manager: " Feels great, the "the sweet size' for most people who foil is the 130. Get the 115 if you are advanced. Many options for straps, foot hooks, and riding strapless.


All FoilWorks products have a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defect, Windance Boardshop also offers our Performance Guarantee "You love it or return it - No Worries"


Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Great Board at a Great Price, 23rd Jun 2019

Reviewer: Sean Tracy

I've been impressed at how good it handles. This is a keeper!

I'd been looking for a new lightweight, advanced foil board to aid my progression and was willing to spend some bucks when I found the right board. A friend knew what I was looking for and pointed me to the new Foil Works 130.

The light weight (7 lb) and fairly small size make it easier to handle on land and in the water than the 4'8" Rocket board I've been using. Underway I was surprised at how much more nimble my foil felt.

The flotation volume is not listed but Windance estimated it to be around 20-21 liters and I think that is correct. The flotation saved me when the wind was dying. I was about a half mile out and I sined and looped my kite to keep it flying and was able to stay afloat all the way back to shore (155 lb rider). Despite the amount of flotation strapless style starts in a 2' gulf chop were easy.

Pearling/Nose dives are much improved over my old board despite the fact that the Foil Work 130 is shorter overall. I think this comes from the combination of a wide spoon/rocker and flotation at the front. The result is that a lot of nose dives have become successful touch downs!

The most interesting surprise has been how the board reacts when I accidentally heel over too far and hit the rail pretty hard. My old board would penetrate the surface resulting in a crash. The Foil Works 130 turns slightly upwind when the rail hits (I think from the front end shape). This also causes a small righting moment that helps roll the board back out of the water. The result is a board that helps you save it!

Finally the graphics, it looks like a high end boutique board. :-)
(Disclosure: My first FW 130 had a paint adhesion problem on the bottom surface resulting a bunch of paint blisters. Windance replaced the board and communicated very well! Customer service gets an outstanding rating from me.)

P.S. To mount straps you'll need SS sheetmetal type screws. Per Windance use #10

Perfect board!, 21st Jun 2019

Reviewer: Walter Medlin

Really feels comfy immediately! I am so happy moving from a higher volume dwarfcraft (which I loved)

Rocker is great for avoiding pearling in chop, and for smooth surface time before getting up on foil. The deck is grippy and Intuitive. Easy to handle in the water for positioning, and light to carry!

I only have a few sessions so far - but it seems to be durable- not fragile at all!

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