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Kiteboarding Beginners Guide

How to get started in kiteboarding with WINDANDCE Boardshop

Windance Kiteboarding Beginners Guide

If you are looking at getting into kiteboarding then read on
for 10 quick tips on what to buy and what not to do;

  1. Buy our favorite How-to Kiteboard DVD. $29.95
  2. Buy a trainer kite; $119-$339 ( Windance gives 100% money back on trainers when your buying your 1st big kite)
  3. Buy a kite harness; $69-$229 (seat style is easier for beginners than a waist, it stays down better)
  4. Buy a semi-dry 4/3mm wetsuit, you will own this for 5 years and we all have them. $159-$419
  5. Take a kiteboard lesson $200+
  6. Buy a kite!!. 10 or 12m2 is common. $499 used to $1,800 new . Look for something no more than 3 years old and DEFINITELY has a big de-power range. It could be a Bow, SLE or Delta style but do your research here.
  7. Buy a board!! $199 used to $879 new . Buy it longer than normal and make it a freeride twin-tip. Probably 140-150cm in length depending on your weight.
  8. Do Not buy your friends old C-style kite at any price. It has little de-power and is ridiculous to learn on.
  9. Do Not buy a wide, short freestyle board for learning. It is hard to edge on, hard to slow down on, and you can buy this later.
  10. Do Not get careless when launching or landing. 90% of the accidents happen then, use caution near shore and go for it on the water.

Kiteboarding is easy and fast to learn. Its a seriously addictive and thrilling sport.

Done right its safe too.

In 1 week you will be up and riding, staying upwind and thinking about your 1st jumps. By the end of the 1st season you will have had huge jumps, wave slashing turns, and cool transitions.

Learn more: Check out our Used Kite Guide.

Windance is all about good advice and great prices on gear, we can help you out.

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