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PowerPlate Complete w/ Powerbo



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The PowerPlate is a Windance designed product (patent pending). The PowerPlate makes it simple to bolt any windsurf board with a Powerbox style fin-box (or Tuttle or Deep Tuttle) to the common 4-Hole plate pattern found on most kite and windsurf foils today.

  • 1/ Use the included bolts to screw the PowerPlate to the 4-Hole plate on your foil

  • 2/ Mount to your windsurf board through the fin-box using your current fin-bolt(s).

  • Fore & Aft fine tuning can be done with the multiple mounting hole system. Forward = quicker lift, Backward = slower lift

  • The PowerPlate is made from 2 pieces of solid aluminum and includes an attached 3/16" foam padding for your board bottom.

  • Comes stock as Powerbox but you can request Tuttle & Deep Tuttle heads instead. Or each head can be available separatley for $99. Prices are $99 for any head including: Standard & Deep Tuttle or Power Box.


Customer Reviews

Average rating:

powerbox adaptor, 24th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Bert Espinosa

This product worked for me. It provides a secure attachment to your powerbox and the large rectangle flange spreads the stress load that's applied against the bottom of your board when foiling. I've used it on 4 boards since last year( even a longboard ) with no structural damage. I now own a foil specific board but still use the powerplate when I want to foil one of my powerbox boards.

Great product for adapting Powerbox boards to windfoiling!, 8th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Pat Frodel

I've had my Powerplate for 1 month and love it! I bought a foil but wasn't sure of the board I would be using it with. When I got to Baja I found a used Fanatic Skate 111 that seemed to fit the bill and with the Powerplate kit I was able to easily set it up and go! Everything has worked great! It allows for multiple adjustments to set your rig up properly to maximize your foil placement with the board and rig. I'm extremely happy with the results. Good job guys!

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