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Slingshot Phantasm PTM 926

SKU: FLAX00015A72

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The high-aspect PTM 926 wing, matched in this package with the 710 fuse and 400 rear stabilizer, is a pumping machine that's a great setup for Wing, Wake and SUP. It slices through the backside of a swell like butter, helping you to reach the next face and continue your glide. It soaks up lift from even the smallest bumps allowing you to stand tall and relaxed, making one-foot swells feel like big open-ocean rollers. Ready to throw on the straps and take to the air? The PTM 926 stands ready to deliver game-changing pop and silky-smooth landings. The wide 926mm wingspan gives incredible rail-to-rail stability in transitions, aiding the fancy footwork involved in tacks and tricks.


  • The perfect mix of glide, pumping efficiency, turning ability, and lift generated from turns

  • A great all-around high-aspect wing

  • Efficient pumping

  • Smooth turning

  • Generates a lot of lift out of a turn

  • Big enough to get going in light wind

  • Small enough to jump

  • PTM 926 Front Wing - These high-aspect wings provide hero-level speed and tracking

  • PS 400 Shimless carbon rear stabilizer - No Shims and no extra parts = no problem. Shims are an inefficient way of altering your foil's performance and cause unnecessary drag.

  • 710 Aluminum Fuselage - High-performance aircraft-grade aluminum alloy fuselage that has been shaped and designed to offer unmatched stiffness and strength.

  • Bigfoot Connection - Mast to foil connection is over 50% larger than our competitors, this increased size makes it the strongest and most robust in the industry.

  • Neoprene Wing Covers and Travel Case - Protect your foil whether you are simply heading to the beach or heading around the world. Your foil comes complete with both a travel case and durable neoprene wing covers.

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