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Slingsot Ghost Foil Kite

SKU: KBKT470025

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Designed from the ground up to be light, simple, and insanely fun to fly, the Ghost is one of the most exciting new kites in Slingshot's range. It’s an out of this world all around kite that has just one strut for incredible handling and steering precision for beginners, experts, and foilers alike. If you are looking for a lightweight ultra-simple kite to take your riding, foiling, or kite tricks to the next level, the Ghost is your friendly companion. The first size run for the Ghost will span from 2.5 all the way to a 17. It’s Compact Swept C shape design and segmented swept wingtip make water relaunch immediate and its wind range infinite.


  • Single Strut Platform is lightweight & agile in the sky, small & packable on the beach

  • Compact Swept C shape provides the precision of a C kite with the instant on/off power delivery of a swept wingtip shape

  • 4x4 Canopy tech

  • IRS Bridle system

  • Fly weight construction 

  • Split Strut creates a stronger, more stable and durable canopy

  • Multiple attachment points

  • One pump speed system lets you inflate and deflate your kite through a central valve

  • Includes kite bag, quick start guide, bladder patch kit


Size 2.5m
Wind (KN) 25-42 
Bar Size  17" or 20"
Product Number 120160002

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Up wind plus drift., 3rd Apr 2020

Reviewer: Orlando Acevedo

Have been kite surfing 19 years. I mostly ride slingshot today because of reliability. For the past 9 years I have been using the rally to kite surf because they keep you up wind easy. One small tack and you are back we’re you started. But I also own one 6m SST because of the drift. I never purchased another size of the SST because it’s more work to stay up wind, this translates into less waves. Just a few days ago I had the luck to ride my first 6m Ghost at my favorite point break. I weigh 145 pounds and ride a Vader surf board. Wind was over 25mph. The Ghost was perfect. Up wind almost as good as a rally. Drifting just as good as a Wave SST. Every tack I was back on the point break for back to back waves for 2 hours with perfect drift. Perfect session. Only thing I would caution about this kite is it has less power for the same size compared to my other kites. Where I would normally use a 6m rally I might want to go with a 8m Ghost. I plan on buying a quiver now.

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