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Thule Carbon Frame Protector

SKU: RRRB00047


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Thule Carbon Frame Protector is an innovative adapter designed to transport bicycles with carbon frames safely and securely. It distributes fixation pressure over a wide surface area, reducing the risk of frame damage. The Carbon Frame Protector is universally adjustable and suitable for all frame types without loose parts or tools. It has a TPE rubber liner that prevents scratches and scuffs on the bike frame during transportation.

The bike carbon frame protector is exclusively compatible with Thule bike carriers that feature a torque limiter knob, such as ProRide, EasyFold, EuroClassic G6, and those equipped with the Thule AcuTight Knob 528 accessory. This product ensures the secure attachment of your bike to the carrier while protecting your carbon frame against potential damage.

To guarantee maximum security, the carbon frame bike protector is fitted with an anti-theft lock, so you can rest assured that your bike will be safe from theft or tampering during transport. In addition, its adjustable design allows it to fit most bikes regardless of frame geometry.

The Thule Carbon Frame Protector offers unparalleled protection for carbon-framed bikes when transporting them on Thule carriers. Featuring high-level performance and quality construction in lightweight components, this adapter is sure to provide peace of mind during transportation.

The Thule Carbon Frame Protector ensures a safe journey for your carbon-framed bike when attaching it to your chosen carrier. With reliable performance and secure anti-theft protection combined with universal compatibility for all frame geometries, this product guarantees optimal safety when transporting your bicycle — ready for adventures anytime!


  • Adapter fits all types of frame geometries

  • No loose parts

  • Evenly distributed fixation pressure

  • Soft TPE rubber liner prevents scratching

  • Compatible with ProRide, EasyFold, EuroClassic G6, and any carriers with the AcuTight Knob 528 accessory

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