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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Escape HM Carbon Complete Foil

by F-One
SKU FLKX0068C105

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F-One's Escape foil is nothing less than a master piece of hydrodynamic refinement and composite craftmanship.

Designed to foil at high speed with full control whatever the conditions, the Escape 530 offers enough performances to go racing but it’s “raison d’être” is first and foremost to provide the most exilherating ride on the water. Light or strong wind, racing or carving the Escape is a playful, nimble and enjoyable hydrofoil which delivers an amazing glide with a terrific speed potential and upmost control.

Such a level of performance is only possible through the use of a 1-piece monobloc construction where the entire plane (front wing, fuselage, stabilizer) is molded in one-shot out of pre-preg carbon with great craftmanship. The end result is a piece of carbon composite with the best possible strength and stiffness to make sure you are always in control.


  • Amazing glide and speed
  • Control at high speeds
  • Pre-Preg carbon fiber
  • Monobloc: 1 piece Carbon Construction
  • Titan connection
  • Area: 530cm2
  • Span: 58cm
  • Aspect Ratio 6.3
  • Front wing weight: 2.33 lbs