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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Strike CWC Wing

by F-One
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The new patented F-One Strike Compact Wing Concept allows for more surface area packed into a given wingspan without compromising weight and performance. With two extra struts to increase the wing’s surface without increasing the size of the leading edge.

The Strike CWC lineup consists of three new sizes, 6.0, 7.0, and 8.0 meters. It has a wind range (knots) of 10 > 22, 08 > 20, and 06 > 15. Exceptional forward traction to increase upwind performance and reduce fatigue, as well as an extended wind range to ensure performance and control on the water.

Building on F-One’s unique canopy tension allows the Strike CWC wing to maintain its shape. This new geometry combines excellent power with ease of use, resulting in a light feel with a shorter wingspan. The tip profile is more maneuverable and easier to flip around on the water.

With large wing sizes, this unique compactness allows for a very comfortable ride. Controlling the length of the leading edge adds rigidity to the canopy, while maintaining the trailing edge adds to the overall performance.

 It does bounce up off the water if you let the tip touch. The Strike CWC was created to be the most comfortable ride you've ever had, and it functions well in light winds.

These features make it an excellent wing for all riders, regardless of skill level or preferred style. This new design offers a compact shape, is easy to handle, and provides an impressive light wind riding experience.

The additional palette in 2022 is Flame, Abyss, and Glacier to the Compact Wing Concept. Light wind riding will never be the same.

Triple Strut - With its two additional struts, this unique wing geometry allows for added surface into a given wingspan.
Power - The wide surface of the wing allows you to enjoy the lightest winds. Pumping is super easy and gets you planning in no time.
Maneuvrability - The reduced span makes the wing very maneuverable considering its wide surface. It is also easy to flip around when on the water.
Control Touch - The additional struts add a curve in the wingtip. They naturally avoid the water even when bending your arms. In case the wing touches the water, the tips just glide and stop you from falling.

If you are looking for the latest CWC wing, the F-One Strike CWC V3 is now available to preorder.