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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Ezzy Cheetah Windsurf Sail 2022

by Ezzy

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The Ezzy 2022 Cheetah sail possesses the strength and stability of a cambered sail with a deep, wing-like silhouette and stable, locked-in power shaped into the panels by sewing.

The broadseaming allows the shape of the Ezzy Cheetah sail to be baked into the sail. As a result, the Cheetah has a deep belly that resembles the form chambers given to a sail. This provides the Cheetah stability and power while keeping it seamless and straightforward to sail in various wind conditions.

The form of the sail is further secured to the panels by the endo-batten system. There are no batten pockets on the Cheetah. Instead, the gaps when sewing the panels together are filled using battens making the sail asymmetrical if the traditional batten pocket is used. The endo batten, however, enables an entirely symmetrical profile.

The producers have mastered the art of creating durable sails. The Cheetah is a freeride sail, yet it was constructed using the knowledge gained from over 35 years of producing wave sails. No monofilm exists that will easily fracture and crack because the scrim, a strong and lightweight material, is reinforced with Technora and Dyneema to create the Cheetah and the world's strongest battens, RBS epoxy battens were utilized.

The Ezzy 2022 Cheetah rigging gauges enable quick setup and take the uncertainty out of tuning. Simply downhaul until your mast's bottom is parallel to the indicator. The markers on the clew help to further guarantee precise and accurate rigging.

More compact
Light and efficient
Increased low-end power