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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Bandit S3 Kite

by F-One
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The F-One Bandit S3 is the perfect surfboard riding companion. As the third edition of the S-series, the Bandit S3 is now equipped with enhanced kite responsiveness, super drift capabilities, and easier maneuvering in all wind and water conditions.

Since the Bandit S3 follows your moves in all controls, expect smoother and more enjoyable rides. The Bandit S3 gives you comaplete control of power while and when you throw the kite in the window the kite never surges. Instead, the F-One Bandit S3 provides a subtle ride, with zero sudden pulls or your trajectories being disrupted, and you’ll always feel connected to your board.

Available in sizes 5 m2, 6 m2, 7 m2, 8 m2, 9 m2, 10 m2, and now with the new 11 m2, the Bandit S3 ensures you get maximum riding comfort. With responsive fingertip control at all states of trim, the Bandit S3 lets you experience a stable and well-balanced bar quality designed for arm comfort.

When sheeted out, the Bandit S3’s turning response has also been improved. This gives you easier and precise control of the kite’s position and handling, offering you a constantly intuitive connection with your board.

Drifting is effortless, so you’re consistently engaged with your kite when surfing. The Bandit S3 only needs a second for retention whenever your lines turn slightly slack, then almost immediately, your kite is ready and waiting for your next input.

Intuitive board connection
Sudden power surge cancellation
Super drift capabilities
High maneuverability in all weather conditions
Fast turn retention