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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One Rocket Surf Wing Foil Board

by F-One
SKU FLRX0004042

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The F-One Rocket Surf is a revolutionary surfboard designed for riders looking to take their surfing to the next level. This board has all the features you need for superior performance and control in any wave, from large swells to choppy foam. With its full bamboo construction, double bamboo deck, beveled rails, twin tracks, and kick-tail design, the Rocket Surf will have you carving and pumping with extreme responsiveness.

The board comes in four sizes – 4'2 ideal for experienced riders, 4'6 for beginners or heavier riders, 5'0 for intermediate riders, and 5'6 for heavier riders. It also includes a full pad and the Twin-Tracks system, which makes it compatible with almost any foil. Additionally, inserts allow two surf foot straps to be installed on the 4'2 and 4'6 boards.

The full bamboo construction and beveled rails provide outstanding stability in any wave condition, while its compact shape and narrow tail make it intuitive to maneuver. Its double bamboo deck gives you the power to carve with extreme responsiveness, while twin tracks allow for easy installation of foils.

The Rocket Surf is perfect for those looking to ride with agility and power. Experience the thrill of flying with precision and control – jump onto an F-One Rocket Surf now!


Full bamboo construction & double bamboo deck
Beveled rails & twin tracks system
Compatible with most foils
Inserts for two surf footstraps on 4'2 and 4'6 board sizes
Lightweight yet rigid design for superior performance & control
Compact shape and narrow tail – easy to maneuver
Kick-tail design –allows an easy release during flight