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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

F-One WTF!? V2 Kite 2020

by F-One

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For the perfect freestyle kiteboarding performance, the 2022 F-One WTF!? V2 is the perfect F-One kites. Building on the V1, the F-One WTF!? V2 is a 5-strut C kite that gives you unrivaled control and dynamic performance.

Available in Basalt/Mango and Basalt/Blue Lagoon colors, the 2022 F-One WTF!? Kite offers excellent handling even at rougher conditions by increasing its agility to go into popped unhooked tricks and kiteloops. This F-One V2 kite is designed to keep its profile consistently steady, thanks to the five-strut construction.

The 2022 F-One WTF!? V2 Kite is created to gain the trust of their rider in no time. The added 5th line enhances the kite’s control and optimizes its power, enabling riders to relaunch their kite effortlessly.

Available in kite sizes 8m, 9m, 11m, and 13m, each variation of the 2022 F-One WTF!? Kite was specifically constructed to accommodate a wide range of riding conditions. For the larger-sized kites, riders can deliver greater power and earlier planing. For the smaller-sized kites, riders can confidently take on high top-end wind ranges. From the lightest wind to the rougher breeze, you can enjoy every minute of your ride with the F-One WTF!? V2.

The 2022 F-One WTF!? Kites are also precisely tunable, letting you dial in the flying characteristics to suit your riding preferences and style.

Pure C Kite - Five struts with high aspect ratio
Ideal for freestyle kiteboarding
Excellent pop, slack, and control
Unrivaled power and performance
Reliable stability
Ref 77201-0401