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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

HoverGlide Surf/Wake Shim

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Experience a revolutionary combination of sleek design and cutting-edge performance with the Hover Glide Surf/Wake Shim. The hover glide shim is designed with advanced technology, providing you with an optimized experience that is sure to exceed all expectations.

The Hover Glide Surf/Wake Shim is the perfect addition to your Hover Glide Foil setup. With its unique rear wing design, this shim will help you achieve smoother rides and effortless control at low and moderate speeds optimal for surf and wak foiling.

Perfect for wake foiling, SUP foiling, and surf foiling, this specially designed rear-wing shim is an essential accessory for the Slingshot Hover Glide foil, offering unparalleled control and stability when you're moving at lower speeds.

With the Hover Glide Surf/Wake Shim, you can take your adventure to new heights with an unbeatable design that gives you total control, whatever your speed or activity. Experience supreme agility and maneuverability - the ideal combination to ensure you never miss a beat when gliding or forging through waves or wakes. Enjoy impressive stability even at fast speeds - this shim is crafted from super-lightweight materials that won't slow you down!

Get ready for superior ease and control underfoot, all this in a slickly designed product. With an unmatched combination of both style and athletic power, it's clear why the Hover Glide Surf/Wake Shim is popular amongst SUP/surf/wake enthusiasts worldwide. Get yours today and experience the perfect glide!


Rear-wing shim for the Hover Glide foil
More rounded version designed for slower speeds
Ideal for SUP, surf, and wake
Hardware not included