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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

North Sonar Foil Pkg 2200R

by North
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Introducing North Sonar Foil Pkg 2200R, a revolutionary foil designed to revolutionize how you experience wing-foiling. This versatile product is perfect for light wind conditions and can be used by beginners and experts. It features our new patented retracted camber foil section design, which provides superior stability, slow stall speed, and pitch stability that eliminates the need to adjust your position while in motion.

With its large surface area, the 2200R provides unparalleled control with fantastic roll and pitch stability. Despite its size, this wing offers impressive speed without sacrificing performance or control. The North Sonar Foil Pkg 2200R is an ideal choice for learning jibes and tacks due to its remarkable stability and low stall speed. Its carvy turns make it suitable for larger riders who enjoy prone and SUP foiling. Thanks to its exceptional performance characteristics, touchdowns are no problem for this foil.

This sonar foil is durable and lightweight, built with high-performance pre-preg carbon technology and a custom wing cover. It comes with the screw pack G (m8x35) for easy installation.

The North Sonar Foil Pkg 2200R is the perfect choice for individuals looking for maximum performance crossover in wing/SUP/surf foil. Get ready to experience your smoothest rides ever with this revolutionary product!


Revolutionary Wing Design
Patented Retracted Cambered Foil Section Design
Unbelievable Stability and Slow Stall Speed
Excellent Roll and Pitch Stability
Large Surface Area
Perfect For Light Wind Conditions
Ideal For Beginners and Experts Alike
Carvy Turns For Heavier Riders And SUP Foiling
High-Performance Pre-Preg Carbon Technology
Custom Wing Cover And Screw Pack G (m8x35) Included For Easy Installation.