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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.
Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

NSI Mako King Pad Sgl Density

by NSI

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The NSI Mako King Pad Single Density is the perfect way to add comfort, performance, and style to your Ocean Rodeo Mako King kiteboard. This closed-cell foam deck pad provides superior traction and durability without the mess of wax. Easy peel-and-stick installation means you can have your board outfitted in minutes. The pad comes in 6 different camo color options, offering a custom look for every rider.

With a size of 23 1/2" (at the widest point) x 88" long, riders of any size can enjoy the benefits of this high-performance padding. The NSI Mako King Pad has been tested and proven for over 20 years, providing an ideal choice for anyone looking for quality traction on their board. This premium product uses only the highest quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. Its non-skid surface provides superior grip underfoot, so there's no need to worry about slipping off during your session. Its quick-dry design ensures it won't stay wet even after a whole day of riding in the water.

NSI's Mako King Pad Single Density's amazing features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their kiteboard. This product has been tested extensively over two decades and is backed by NSI's commitment to quality craftsmanship. If you're looking for top-notch traction on your kiteboard, then the NSI Mako King Pad Single Density is just what you need.


  • Closed cell foam deck pad
  • 6 different camo color options
  • Easy peel & stick installation
  • Superior traction and durability
  • High-performance padding
  • Tested and proven over 20 years