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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.

Slingshot Shred Sled V1 5'-9"


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Whether you are looking for your first foil board, your all-in-one travel stick, or you want the freedom to do 3-sports with 1-board...the Shred Sled is your ticket.


  • Footstrap inserts with angled front foot
  • Windsurf Mast Track
  • Adjustable Foil Track - Move your foil forward or back to find your sweet
    spot depending on size, weight, conditions and foil choice
  • SUP Handle on bottom of board allows you a free hand to carry a sail, paddle, or wing
  • Kick tail aids in pumping the board up onto the foil
  • Chined Rails give the board earlier release from the water and prevents edge contact when you’re on-foil and carving
  • Raised EVA Centerline Indicator
  • Leash Attachment
  • Package includes mounting hardware


Dimensions (cm) 175.3 L x 72.4 W x 12.2 T
Volume 110 Litres
Product number 121713212


Windance Recommends:

Slingshot delivers the ultimate travel stick, The Shred Sled 3:1 Foil Board. It's the ultimate early lift foiling machine for any condition. At 143L, this stable SUP platform allows the rider to catch waves on windless days, then morphs into a wingsurfing board or windfoil board when the wind kicks in. No matter what the conditions deliver, you will be able to seize the moment and take flight. Combined with the new Hover Glide FWING package featuring the massive Infinity 99cm wing, wind minimums just hit rock bottom. Ensure your time on the water with the Shred Sled and FWING combo.

2021 Slingshot Shred Sled V1 Wing Foilboard


It has the lowest takeoff speed and lowest stall speed in the Slingshot range. With takeoff speeds as low as 6kts the Shred Sled does not require much encouragement from your paddle, wing or sail to get you flying. The beveled rails, kick-tail, and consistent width combine to provide super early release from the water. Once you are up the 99cm wingspan of the FWING gives rock solid rail-to-rail stability and stall speeds of only 3-4kts. This package was built for progression while taking full advantage of even the most meager conditions.

Whether you are SUPing small waves, Wingfoiling, or Windfoiling combining the 143L Shred Sled with the massive Infinity 99cm wing and large 48cm rear stabilizer will have you gliding from swell to swell no matter how tiny the waves or how light the breeze. The 99cm wingspan provides unmatched rail-to-rail balance and makes getting up on foil easier than ever before. Combined with the large 48cm rear stabilizer the ability to pump and glide with this combo is otherworldly.


2021 Slingshot Shred Sled V1 Wing Foilboard


Designed to fuel easy progression across multiple sports, the FWING is the choice for new Wingsurfers or those looking to drop their wind minimums. With breaking waves of any size, and barely a breeze, this combo will cruise upwind with ease, even off-foil, taking you right to the peak. Position yourself right and as the wave starts to pick you up, a few pumps of your SlingWing and you are up on-foil and charging across wave faces. It is amazing how efficient this combo is at getting back upwind to the peak even without enough breeze to get you on-foil. This added dimension to light wind wave pickups will have you exploring new breaks and charging more days right in your own backyard.


2021 Slingshot Shred Sled V1 Wing Foilboard