Why Fins Matter?

Why should I change my Fin?

The fin is just as important as the board or sail, yet is often overlooked. A switch in fin size, shape or quality can:

  1. Go Faster
  2. Increase range
  3. Carve tighter turns
  4. Increase Upwind Performance
  5. Travel straighter

Long vs Short & Stiff vs Soft

  • Long, narrow fin = speed + early planing
  • Short, curvy outline = maneuverability + control
  • Softer fin = better control
  • Stiffer fin = more lift + speed potential

Size does Matter!

A short, wide fin with a swept tip will have as much surface area as a straight, narrow fin a couple inches longer. Gauging the exact size of fin needed is often a matter of personal preference. Sailors who push hard against the fin need something of substance to hold, whereas others who transfer power to the board using the rail can get away with less.

G-10 Fins vs. Polyester Fins

In general Poly/vinyl-ester fins are softer and G-10 fins are stiffer. See above Long vs Short & Stiff vs Soft section

Adding carbon layers makes the fin even stiffer. Molded fins use different materials that are added or removed to control flex. It is safe to assume that a more expensive molded fin has the flex more refined than a cheaper one.

Fin Selector Chart

The recommendations below are for the Intermediate sailor Beginners may want to increase their sizes by 1/2"-1" to help them plane and stay upwind Advanced and Experts may want to decrease their small fin sizes by 1/2"-1" for agility and maneuverability. Call us for personalized recommendations: 1-800-574-4020

Fin Size table in INCHES

Your Weight ↓ Your Sail Size→3.5m24.0m24.7m25.5m26.5m27.5m28.5m2
120 lbs.7.25"8"9"11.25"13"15"17"
140 lbs.7.25"8.25"9.25"11.75"14"17"18"
160 lbs.7.5"8.5"9.5"12.25"14.75"17.75"19"
180 lbs.7.75"8.75"9.75"12.75"15.5"18.5"20"
200 lbs.8"9"10"13.25"16.25"19.25"21"
220 lbs.8.25"9.25"10.25"13.75"17"20"22"

Fin Size table in CENTIMETERS

Your Weight ↓ Your Sail Size→3.5m24.0m24.7m25.5m26.5m27.5m28.5m2
120 lbs.18cm20cm23cm28.5cm33cm38cm43cm
140 lbs.18cm21cm23.5cm29.5cm35.5cm43cm38cm
160 lbs.19cm21.5cm24cm31cm37.5cm45cm48 cm
180 lbs.19.5cm22cm25cm32cm39cm47cm50.5cm
200 lbs.20cm23cm25.5cm33.5cm41cm49cm53cm
220 lbs.21 cm23.5cm26cm35cm43cm50.5cm55.5cm