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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.


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    Chinook Carbon 100% RDM Mast SuperLite

    from Original Price $467.00
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    Chinook 100% Carbon SL RDM is the ultimate in materials, pre-preg construction, and performance. Perfect for Windsurf-Foilers, this mast will light...

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    from Original Price $467.00
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    Save 14%
  • Chinook

    Chinook Carbon 40% SDM

    from $230.00

    Chinook 40% Carbon SDM will rig your sail how it was designed and provide years of performance without breaking the bank. Constant curve bend chara...

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    from $230.00
  • Ezzy

    Ezzy Legacy 60% Carbon Mast

    from $157.50

    Windance Recommends The Ezzy Legacy 60% carbon for the value-minded shopper.  Get bigger discounts with volume: 1 mast = 10% off 2 masts = 13% of...

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Windsurfing Masts

Find Perfect Windsurfing Board Masts for Your Needs

Hey there, all you rad windsurfers out there! Windance is the ultimate source for all your totally tubular lines of windsurfing masts. Whether you're looking to upgrade your old windsurfing mast, expand your quiver, or just need a replacement, we’ve got options for you.

Shop a Wide Selection of High-Quality Windsurfing Masts at Windance

We've got masts for all types of windsurfing sails so that you can find the perfect fit for your ride. And if you're not sure which mast is right for you, our knowledgeable staff here at Windance is always here to help you out. 

Windsurfing Masts Come in Different Lengths, Diameters, and Materials


Length must be matched to the sail size. 


Diameter is either standard or skinny (aka reduced diameter) - skinny masts are the industry standard now and are lighter and just as strong as standard diameter yet more expensive.


Mast material options are either epoxy or carbon fiber. Epoxy is cheaper and durable but heavier. On the other hand, carbon fiber is lighter and delivers higher performance. While carbon fiber versus other materials is usually a straight up "this or that'' choice, with masts it's about "how much" carbon fiber. While some windsurf masts are 100% epoxy (fiberglass) or 100% carbon fiber, most are a blend of 40%-90% carbon fiber. The more carbon fiber, the lighter (and more expensive) the mast will be.

The last thing you’ll want to know is that masts also come with different stiffness and flex properties based on their materials and thickness. The mast is supposed to bend when the sail is rigged properly which then shapes the sail. Some sails work better with a stiffer mast, and some with a  more flexible mast. If you’re an advanced windsurfer, you will want to factor that into your decision.

Need to Replace Your Windsurf Mast?

Over time, your mast may experience wear and tear, and when that happens it will be necessary to replace certain parts. Standard windsurfing masts allow you to replace the top or bottom piece separately, which is cost-effective, convenient, and versatile.

By being able to replace the top or bottom piece separately, you have the option to upgrade or repair just one part of the mast, rather than having to replace the entire mast. This is especially useful when there is minor damage to one of the sections, such as a small crack or dent. By only replacing the affected section, you can save money and extend the life of your mast.

The ability to replace the top or bottom piece of a mast separately is a great feature that can save you money, and help to extend the life of your equipment. It's important to choose a mast that has this feature if you want the flexibility to make repairs or upgrades as needed.

Upgrade Your Windsurfing Setup with a Durable Mast

Listen up, windsurfers - you definitely don't want to skimp on quality when it comes to your masts. Look for a mast that is built to last with tough durable construction that will stay in place while you shred waves. But it's not just about durability - a bodacious mast means better performance, too. So choose the right blend of features to fit your needs. 

Get the Best Performance Out of Your Windsurf Mast

Windsurf masts are these long, thin poles that are super important for supporting your sail on a windsurfing board. They fit into a special base on the board, and the sail gets attached to the top using something called a boom.

There are a few different things that can make a windsurfing mast work really well. For one, the material it's made of matters. Masts can be made of either carbon fiber or epoxy or a blend of both, with carbon fiber being lighter, responsive, and more expensive, while epoxy is more durable, heavier, and less expensive. The material affects how stiff the mast is, how long it lasts, and how it performs overall.

Matching the mast length perfectly to the sail instead of relying on a long mast extension to achieve the desired mast length will allow the mast to flex as intended and provide better performance. A longer mast is generally suitable for only large sales while a shorter mast is best for small sails and can be adapted to work with larger sails by using a long mast extension. 

The curve of the mast also matters. Masts can be hard top, constant curve, or flex top. Hard top windsurf masts have less flexible tops and more flexible bottoms. Constant curve masts have a consistent level of flex throughout the entire mast. Flex top masts have more flex at the top of the mast and more stiffness at the bottom. 

Windsurf masts come in two diameters: standard diameter (SDM) and reduced diameter masts (RDM). Most older masts are standard diameter and most masts sold today are reduced diameter, also known as “skinny masts”. 

And finally, the stiffness of the mast can affect how it works. Measured by the IMCS value, longer masts are typically stiffer (higher IMCS value) and shorter masts are typically less stiff. A mast with less stiffness will be more forgiving in strong winds, while a stiffer one might be better for lighter winds or flat water.

Don't Let a Broken Mast Hold You Back – Find Replacement Windsurf Masts Here at Windance

But it's not just about the gear - we also offer top-notch customer service to help you replace an existing mast. Our knowledgeable staff is always here to help you find the right size and fit and answer any questions you might have. Upgrade your windsurfing gear with our rad windsurfing masts, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your gear is top-notch. Happy windsurfing!