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Windsurf Parts & Components

Essential Parts and Components for a Fully-Functioning Windsurfing Setup

From sweet new booms to top-notch masts and everything in between, we've got the parts and components to make your windsurfing sublime.

  1. Mast - typically carbon fiber, reduced diameter, and comes in two pieces, they are often paired with a mast tip plug and a bag but have few component parts.
  2. Board - your board is what you stand on. Fins, foot straps and hardware such as vent plugs may come with the board but can also be purchased separately to replace or upgrade equipment.
  3. Sail - the sail is your motor, harnessing the wind and powering your windsurf rig, and keeping it in good shape by replacing battens or other components is good practice.
  4. Boom - Booms add tension to the sail and give you something to hold onto - typically the boom includes an outhaul line, boom clips, and other components.
  5. Mast extension - Extensions connect the "rig" to the mast base and typically include the cleat, pulley system, and downhaul line to secure and tension the sail.
  6. Mast base - Also known as the base plate and upper or “u joint”, which are each comprised of several smaller parts, connects the mast extension to the board and allows the rig (sail, mast, boom) to rotate and be raised and lowered freely
  7. Downhaul / Outhaul / Uphaul Lines - The lines are the ropes or cords that attach to the mast and boom. They come in different lengths and diameters and can wear out over time, so it's good to have some spare lines as a backup.
  8. Replacement foot straps - Footstraps can get worn out or broken, so it's good to have some spare footstraps and hardware on hand in case you need to replace or fix them.
  9. Replacement fins - Fins come in different sizes to match your sail quiver or deliver performance in different riding conditions. The purpose of the fin is to counterbalance the downwind pressure from the sail. Bigger sail requires bigger fins to offset the pressure. While you can technically get by with one fin for all your sails, your board will slip downwind and "spin out" if your fin is too small or lift your board too much if the fin is too big.

The Most Common Windsurf Components Repair

One of the most common repairs needed in a windsurfing setup is replacing the footstraps. These babies take a beating and can wear out over time, or sometimes even break if you're really putting your windsurfing setup to the test. 

No worries though, just head on over to Windance’s windsurf components and pick up a new set of footstraps to get you back on the water in no time. And remember, it's always a good idea to have a spare set of footstraps on hand just in case you need to make a quick fix out on the water.

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