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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.
Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.


Demo gear to try before you buy!

New wind sports gear is an investment and we want you to invest in what makes you happy. It's important that you find the right gear for you, so try before you buy!

Whether you're looking for wing demos, windsurf demos, kiteboarding demos, or foil demos, we've got something for you! Windance makes a curated selection of our top wing, kite, windsurf, and foil gear available in our demo program to give you an opportunity to try out the latest greatest tech. 


Demo Pricing (cost per day)

100% of your demo price for the first day can be applied toward your purchase of any new gear of the same type at Windance.

Demo Gear


Boom, Bar, or Accessory $50

Wing, Sail, Kite


Complete Rig (i.e. sail or kite plus bar, boom, etc.) $100





Board and Foil $150
Complete Package $200


Rules for demoing Windance gear:

To avoid injury and damage to the gear, you should have some experience in the sport and be able to properly handle and care for the equipment you intend to use before demoing gear at Windance. 

  • Demo gear is available on a first-come first-serve basis
  • Demo gear cannot be reserved
  • Demo gear must be picked up and dropped off during our normal hours
  • Demo gear must be checked in/out by a Windance staff member
  • You are responsible for returning the gear in the same condition you received it - please take care to return it clean and packed well
  • Make sure you bring back all the hardware and accessories!
  • If your gear gets damaged, do not repair it yourself - return it to Windance for assessment
  • You may be charged for damaged or missing equipment
  • Demos are charged by the day
  • Only the first day of demo fees are eligible to be applied to a purchase of new gear (used gear is not eligible for discount)

While we don't put a hard limit on how long you can demo equipment, we ask that you return equipment as soon as possible both to minimize the likelihood of loss or damage on your watch (no fun for anyone) and to make the gear available for others to use. There are often other people just like you waiting for their turn to try the gear, so please do them a solid by bringing your gear back early and in good shape if you can. 


Damage to demo gear will result in a $50 fee plus the cost to professionally repair or replace the equipment. 

The $50 fee will be charged at the time of check-in inspection. If professional repair is needed, additional repair or replacement fees will be charged after that work is completed. If replacement is needed, replacement cost will be charged when that assessment is made. Windance reserves the sole right to assess damage and appropriate action for demo equipment and charge customers accordingly.

Generally, cosmetic issues like scratches may or may not incur a $50 fee depending on severity but often do not warrant repair or replacement because they do not impact safety or rideability. Rips and holes typically require professional repair because they are safety hazards but not replacement because they're often able to be fixed effectively and economically. A board snapped in half would typically need to be replaced because proper repair to return it to safe working condition and peak performance would be impossible or prohibitively expensive and time consuming. 

While most demos do not result in damage charges, the most common scenarios we see that do result in damage charges are severely scratched or chipped foils and dinged boards. These issues can be minimized by rigging in soft grassy areas, maintaining firm control over your equipment while carrying, rigging, and securing it, and launching/landing in deep shoulder-level water to avoid inadvertent contact with rocks and hard obstacles.

The most common replacement charges are for lost accessories (i.e. board leashes, pumps, vent plug screws, etc.). Minimize these issues by taking your time rigging and packing up and double-checking that you've got everything before you leave the launch site. 


Stop by, call, or email us at for more information.