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Call us at 1(800)574-4020 every day 9-5 PST.


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    Thule Fishing Rod Vault 2

    Original Price $549.95
    Current Price $438.95

    Original Price $549.95
    Current Price $438.95
    Save 20%

Roof Fishing Rod Holders

Haul Your Rods in Style With Windance's Roof Rack Rod Holders

Our rod holder roof racks are designed to securely hold your fishing rods while you're driving, so you don't have to worry about them falling off or getting damaged.

How Does A Fishing Rod Holder Work

The traditional fishing rod holder is a long tube that holds your rod and basically keeps your rod safely lying flat on the roof of your car.

When it comes to your fishing gear, you definitely don't want to skimp on quality - especially when it comes to your rod holders. So what makes high-quality rod holders so important? For starters, they're built to last. They are made with durable materials, so you don't have to worry about them breaking or falling apart. They're designed to hold your rods securely and evenly, so you don't have to stress about things shifting around or falling off while you're driving. They're designed to minimize damage to your car's roof.

Keep Your Pole Safe With These Top of The Line Fishing Pole Roof Rack Features

  1. Compatibility: Make sure the holder is compatible with the size and type of your rod.
  2. Capacity: Consider how many rods you'll need to transport and choose a holder that can accommodate them.
  3. Durability: Look for a holder made of sturdy, high-quality materials to ensure it can withstand the elements and the wear and tear of transportation.
  4. Ease of use: Choose an easy installation holder, so you can quickly and easily load and unload your gear.
  5. Security: Look for a holder with a secure mounting system to ensure your rods stay in place during transport.
  6. Protection: Choose a holder that provides some level of protection for your rods, such as foam padding or rubber lining.

Durability is So Important For Roof Rack Rod Holders

Alright, let's get a little science-y and talk about the ins and outs of high-quality rod holders. They're built to hold your rods securely and evenly without any weak points or areas of stress that could lead to failure. This not only helps prevent damage to your rods but also helps the holder maintain its stability and structure. Rod holders are also designed to handle the forces acting on them while driving. This includes things like wind resistance and vibrations. 

Windance Has Fishing and Fly Rod Roof Racks

Browse our selection of high-quality brands and make your next angler trip a breeze.